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When Enough Is Enough - Ending A Bad Relationship

Are you trapped in a relationship that has gone wrong? How do we finally end a bad relationship? In this informative article, one of the U.K.'s leading therapists explains the 7 things you need to do in order to end a relationship that has no future.

Many of us have experienced a relationship that was far from ideal. Broken promises and unkept pledges may have hurt and battered our self esteem. Fear or simply habit might have persuaded us that we had no other option, that this was all we could expect, all we could really look forward to.


When we're in the thick of things, our emotions stretched almost to their limit, it can be difficult to step back and assess when enough really is enough. It's so very easy to keep holding onto the false hope that maybe things will miraculously improve; that our partner will take the steps necessary in order to change; that he or she might somehow bring about the transformation that would at last make everything all right.

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